Fossils and Dinosaurs

Class 4 have enjoyed their topic about Fossils and Dinosaurs. They have produced fantastic art work based on dinosaurs they chose to research; as well as painting the dinosaur they have researched key facts about their dinosaur using a range of sources. Class 4 have taken great pride in their great dinosaur display. They have had the opportunity to find out about famous paleontology pioneers such as William Buckland and Mary Anning furthering their understanding of famous historical British figures and the impact they have had on our modern society.

Class 4 have also developed their skills as mechanics during their bike maintenance workshops in conjunction with Darlington County Council's sustainable travel scheme. They learnt about bike lubricants, the key mechanical parts of a bike, the brake system and the gear systems. This activity gave them the opportunity to work collaboratively on a number of tasks. They gained an understanding of the importance of having a roadworthy bike and the dangers that may arise from a bike that is not properly maintained. This linked well to the Design Technology curriculum allowing the children to select from and use a wider range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks accurately.