Bowes Museum Visit

We had a fantastic visit to Bowes Museum at the end of last half-term. The children got to look at some artefacts from World War 1. We also explored the archives and used the day as an inspiration to write poetry.

Two of our poems have been selected by Bowes to become part of the archive and the children selected will be recorded reading them in the coming weeks. Well done to Emilia and Theo who were selected by the staff at Bowes.


The sound of machine guns echoed around my head,

As I raced forward,.

Blood filled my mouth as I bit hard on my cheek.

Rain hammered down on my head,

As the wind bit viciously at my face.

My strength was sapped from my legs,

As I fell to the ground.

Mud filled my nose and the stench of blood overwhelmed me.

All went black.


By Emilia




The horrible sound of bombs,

The horrible barbed wire,

The horrible bullets buzzing,

The horrible itching clothes,

The horrible muddy trenches,

The horrible heavy guns,

That’s the bad things in the war.


By Theo