Family Learning

Thank you to all of the family members who joined us for our Family Learning session. We loved having you in school!

Mothers's Day

The children shared their knowledge of Wassily Kandinsky with their family members during our Family Learning afternoon. They mixed primary colours to make secondary colours. They also added white to make the colour lighter and black to make the colour darker. They completed their artwork in class and decided to present their mums with it for Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day!

World Book Day

Today we came to school dressed for a bedtime story. It was comfortable working in our PJs and slippers all day. Even the class teachers joined in!


Our Local Walk

Class 1 went out into our local area for the very first time!!! We used our senses to notice what was going on around us. We used our ears to listen and we could hear the ducks right from Oliver's daddy's field. We could see the horses hoof prints in the mud and we noticed that the leaves were beginning to fall from the trees. We touched the little hills that we found in Mr Snaith's field. We used our noses to smell the flowers, the lavender smelled beautiful!!

Gordon invited us into his garden. The ducks came over to greet us. They quacked as they followed us around. One of the ducks was washing himself in the pool, another pushed his head down, then his bottom popped up. He was looking for food. 

We had a wonderful time but our legs were feeling tired when we got back to school.

A very warm welcome to our new starters


Welcome to the boys and girls who have joined us in Class 1.

The children have been exploring their new environment. They have been getting to know their new teachers and making new friends. They have also been busy learning new school routines.

Here are some of the pictures from their first week at school.

Sharing our learning

We made sandwiches and decorated cakes to make our families afternoon tea. We then shared our learning with them when we ate.  The sandwiches and cakes were delicious, and great fun to make. 


In light of  the General Election. Thomas wrote his own manifesto at home.

The rest of the class were inspired to do likewise, with Thomas taking on the role of Assistant Teacher. Their manifestos were all different. Finally, we voted, and Ellie was voted Class Prime Minister. Mrs Smith suggested that Thomas should send his manifesto to his MP, Jenny Chapman. He was delighted to receive the following reply. Well done Thomas!

Jenny Chapman letter colour 1.jpg

What happened when we wanted flowers in our outside classroom

Some of the children decided they needed to brighten up our outside classroom by getting rid of the dead flowers and replace them with lovely new flowers. Mrs Cooke explained she would have to ask Mrs Aitken if we could have some money to spend. The children decided they would write to her.

Mrs Aitken was so impressed with their letters that she decided to take the gardeners to the garden centre. She even treated them to milkshakes. They really enjoyed selecting and paying for their plants. Then it was back to school to plant them.


Everyone was amazed with what the children had chosen and all they had to tell us about the plants. 

The next step was to plant them and then we made thank you cards for Mrs Aitken. Some of the other children saw what happened when you write to Mrs Aitken and so wrote to her to ask for some new apps for our tablets. And guess what...... She bought them for us!





Getting ready for Easter

We took part in the Easter Liturgy and performed our dance about Palm Sunday. Our buddies said we were great. 

We enjoyed the Easter disco, but needed to chill out.

The Easter Bunny visited and we had an Easter Egg Hunt.

Before we left for the holidays, we planted our Class Potato for the Potato competetion in Autumn. 

Science Week

Science Week started with a visit to the RSPB Reserve at Saltholme, Stockton. What a day!


Our chicks hatched to squeals of delight!

We made chick biscuits. They were delicious. 

We tested which food the chicks liked best. We tried boiled egg, toast, and hen food. They liked the toast best. 

The chicks helped with our phonics. 

We made a Chick Run. All our structures had entrances and exits for the chicks.

We all dressed up for Science Week and made posters about our inventors and inventions. 

We are Scientists!


Technology Week: show, share , learn, press, slide, tap.......

We went on a technology hunt and found the school was full of gadgets and gizmos, and are homes are as well.  We all brought in different forms of technology and demonstrated how they worked, so we could share our devices and learn. 

Chinese New Year: Gung Hey Fat Choi

WE learned how people celebrate Chinese New Year. We even tried to eat Chinese noodles with chopsticks!

We learnt lots of things.

Hannah said: "We don't celebrate Chinese New Year. We had Bonfire Night. We both have fireworks."

Holly said: "Chinese people eat noodles and dumplings for New Year. I love noodles and prawn crackers."

Jack said : " Chinese people use chopsticks. We use knives and forks."

Freya said: Chinese people have fortune cookies like we have Christmas crackers."

William said : " The Chinese people speak a different language."

Fairies, fairies everywhere!

A group of girls explained how they could hear noises coming from the Class 1 toilet area. We discussed what it could be and all of the girls were in agreement that it must be fairies!!

The next day the girls went on a fairy hunt around the school but they did not find anything. So, they decided to write letters, inviting the fairies to come to our school. After that we received a video showing fairies playing and flying around our school grounds. We moved on to learn about all of the different types of fairies. We used this knowledge to draw wonderful pictures of the fairies in their different habitats.

The following week, Mrs Iannotti came into the classroom feeling very excited, she had seen a little hole in the wall and wanted the girls to come and have a look. But when we looked, instead of a small hole there was a little door and a wooden table, set with real porcelain tea cups and plates. Holly said, "See we do have fairies!" The girls were delighted that the fairies had come to visit. Freya decided to make a fairy home with the help of Tempy and Holly. Tempy asked if we could use the computer to find a picture of a real fairy home, so that they could use it to copy off. Ellie decide to work on her own and she used papier mache to construct her fairy home.

A group of children used clay to sculpt and mold fairies, toadstools and fairy homes. They painted them in beautiful colours to attract the fairies! All of the wonderful things that the children made added to our Fairy Land.

Exchanging cards with Japan!

We made cards for children in a school in Japan.  We had to sort the strips in order of size to make a Christmas tree. Some of us made decorations and others put snow on the cards.  

Then, a parcel arrived. We noticed the volcano stamps, and that the Queen wasn't on the stamps.  Tempy read that it was from Yuri School, and Ellie spotted the word Japan. The children in Japan sent us these cards. Some of us decided to try and write our names in Japanese like they had. It wasn't easy. 

We made all sorts of cards for our families.

We made our own playdough, reading the instructions. We cut out Christmas tree decorations, then we planned how we were going to decorate them when they came out of the oven.

We were all stars in our Nativity show, "Hey Ewe"