This half term the children have shown an interest in ‘Night and Day.’  We looked at sources of light and provided the children with a dark place so that they could explore this further.  They discovered that shiny things reflect light and can keep us safe at night.

Their exploration led on to a discussion about animals that are active during the day and those that come out at night. The children were particularly interested in nocturnal animals. We shared some of the things that we have observed, such as seeing foxes and bats and also hearing owls hoot at night.

 We read a variety of stories focusing on light and dark, day and night. The children really enjoyed the story, ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell. We looked at owl habitats and what owls eat.

 The children used the story stimulus to create their own representation of the characters and setting using a variety of media and materials. They painted owls and their habitats, they made owls out of clay and they used props to retell the story and their adapted version of the story.