Scottish Day In Class 1

We all came to school dressed in blue and white, the colour of the Scottish flag. We made our own blue and white flags following special instructions. Our flags had to have  just 2 colours  and we could only draw 2 lines using our rulers to make the flag. What made it tricky was we were not allowed to let 2 sections that touched be the same colour. At first it was hard but we all did it in the end  and some of us even managed to meet the challenge of 3 lines and 3 colours using the colours of the Union Jack

We loved the Piper coming in to our class and had lots of questions we were keen to ask. After his visit we had a great story called You Can't Play Here by Angus Corby. It was set in Scotland so we all made pictures of the settings and did writing about the places the main character tried to play his bagpipes.

Most of our afternoon was taken up with learning to do Scottish dancing and our buddies helped us. We all got very hot and had a great time