Fire! Fire! Fire!

The children have been interested in the different people who help us in our community. They looked at a range of people including, those that work for the air ambulance and mountain rescue services as well as life guards and the dentist. They were particularly interested in the Emergency Services.  The children role-played calling the emergency telephone number 999. They asked the operator for either, the Police, an Ambulance or the Fire Brigade. They remembered to tell the operator where they lived and what the problem was.

Today the Fire Service came to visit!

They let us look at all of the equipment that they used when attending an emergency. Some of the tools were so heavy; we could not pick them up. We had lots of questions and the Firemen could answer all of them.We even got the chance to try out the Fireman’s hose to squirt water, it was difficult to hold. Next, we looked inside the fire engine.

Orla tried on the fireman’s helmet. She said, “It’s very heavy.” Ted told her, “It protects the fireman’s head in case anything falls on him.”

We cheered as the firemen sounded their sirens as they left!!

All afternoon the children were heard shouting:

Get out!

Stay out!

Get the fire brigade out!

The Firemen will be very proud that we have remembered the rhyme. They say it may help us in a real emergency.