Fairies, fairies everywhere!

A group of girls explained how they could hear noises coming from the Class 1 toilet area. We discussed what it could be and all of the girls were in agreement that it must be fairies!!

The next day the girls went on a fairy hunt around the school but they did not find anything. So, they decided to write letters, inviting the fairies to come to our school. After that we received a video showing fairies playing and flying around our school grounds. We moved on to learn about all of the different types of fairies. We used this knowledge to draw wonderful pictures of the fairies in their different habitats.

The following week, Mrs Iannotti came into the classroom feeling very excited, she had seen a little hole in the wall and wanted the girls to come and have a look. But when we looked, instead of a small hole there was a little door and a wooden table, set with real porcelain tea cups and plates. Holly said, "See we do have fairies!" The girls were delighted that the fairies had come to visit. Freya decided to make a fairy home with the help of Tempy and Holly. Tempy asked if we could use the computer to find a picture of a real fairy home, so that they could use it to copy off. Ellie decide to work on her own and she used papier mache to construct her fairy home.

A group of children used clay to sculpt and mold fairies, toadstools and fairy homes. They painted them in beautiful colours to attract the fairies! All of the wonderful things that the children made added to our Fairy Land.