What happened when we wanted flowers in our outside classroom

Some of the children decided they needed to brighten up our outside classroom by getting rid of the dead flowers and replace them with lovely new flowers. Mrs Cooke explained she would have to ask Mrs Aitken if we could have some money to spend. The children decided they would write to her.

Mrs Aitken was so impressed with their letters that she decided to take the gardeners to the garden centre. She even treated them to milkshakes. They really enjoyed selecting and paying for their plants. Then it was back to school to plant them.


Everyone was amazed with what the children had chosen and all they had to tell us about the plants. 

The next step was to plant them and then we made thank you cards for Mrs Aitken. Some of the other children saw what happened when you write to Mrs Aitken and so wrote to her to ask for some new apps for our tablets. And guess what...... She bought them for us!