Community Games

Two fabulous teams represented our school at Eastbourne Sports Complex today, playing cricket and rounders. Both teams performed brilliantly, each winning two out of three matches. The organisers of the event were looking for children who showed good spirit through the day, and we were thrilled with the attitude of both teams who were praised for their wonderful team work. For their sheer determination, one of our teams won a lovely trophey. Very well done to all of the children who participated - we are so proud of you!

Rocket Man

Today was a school day like no other because our inspiring visitor, Nick, helped the whole school to work together, get creative and think about using STEAM skills to create our own fabulous rockets. Amazingly, these were built and launched all in one morning! What an amazing experience! Well done everyone!

Oriental Museum Trip

There were so many learning opportunities today at The Oriental Museum in Durham from handling and drawing ancient Egyptian artefacts, and discovering what they were made from and used for, to acting out the process of mummification and joining in with a 'weighing of the heart' ceremony. A wonderful experience for Class 3!

Family Learning Afternoon

Today we had a maths focus with different activities on each table to choose from. These included constructing 3D shape skeletons, a times tables grid challenge, maths games and puzzles. What a busy classroom we had and we witnessed very impressive work from everyone! Well done to all of our children and family members who could come along today.

Wet, wet, wet!

The 'Splashathon' was such fun today. Everyone joined in and everyone got absolutely soaking wet! Who could stay dry with all those water guns and Mrs Aitken on the loose with a hose?!  A wonderful treat for good behaviour this half term - well done children!

3D Shapes

In maths we have been learning about shapes and today we used modelling clay, cocktail sticks and straws to create our own 3D shapes. They looked amazing!

Run for Fun

Our children, and a furry visitor, performed brilliantly this afternoon during the 'Run for Fun', tackling obstacles confidently. Well done everyone!

Sport Relief Week

As part of Sport Relief Week, Class 3 took part in activities all week including short hockey and tennis sessions organised by Sports Leaders from Class 4. We also had a daily mile run/walk and ended with a 'Fit Friday' dance session. It was a fun, in slightly tiring, week and our thanks to go to the Sports Leaders for organising the activities.

Can you clean water?

It is easy to take clean drinking water for granted, but for many people around the world access to clean water is difficult. We thought about whether it was possible to create a filter that would turn very dirty water into clean water. We thought about trying out layers of different materials including paper, cotton wool, washing up cloths and even pairs of old tights! As you can see from the photos, the results varied depending on the combination of materials, some looked cleaner than others. However, we know that there could also be pollutants and bacteria in the water still, so even if it looked clean it might not be good to drink.

World Book Day

What a super day we have had! Everyone looked great in their pyjamas and the children enjoyed sharing the books which they had brought to school today. As well as this, we wrote book reviews and worked on word puzzles. In particular, we thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Mrs Smith who shared a wonderful picture book with us which she illustrated. It was fascinating to hear how she went about creating the fabulous illustrations to go with the story.

A Beautiful Violin Recital

This afternoon, Mrs Furness visited Class 3 and showed us her violin and explained how she looks after it. Her talk was really interesting and we learned lots of new facts. Did you know that resin helps to prevent the bow from slipping? Did you know that note A is tuned first? Did you know that violins become more expensive with age? Well done children for listening attentively and asking some very interesting questions too.

Balancing clowns

We invited our parents to work with us during a Family Learning Afternoon in February and set two tasks to explore why objects balance and why they fall over.  The first challenge was to work out a way to balance a lollipop stick on a chopstick using a pipe cleaner. At first it seemed impossible and it took some trial and improvement attempts to crack it. There were many imaginative solutions but the best way involved using pegs as counter-balances. The second challenge was to balance a cardboard clown on your nose. Looking for the centre of balance in a shape and using weights for counter-balance were the most sucessful strategies. A fun afternoon where we did amazing things and learned a lot of science.

Is it ever too cold to eat ice cream?

The last few weeks might have been snowy and cold but in Class 3 we have been looking at how temperature plays an important role in changing the state of matter. And what could be more important than finding out how to use low temperatures to make ice cream. We used salt to lower the temperature of ice to -10 degrees and then used this to change the liquid milk into solid ice cream. This was the most delicious science lesson we have had so far, apart from the group who unfortunately managed to mix a bit of the salty water in with their ice cream!

Busy Baking for Charity

In preparation for our 'Brew Friday' fundraising event, we spent lots of time today baking delicious treats (flapjacks, crispie cakes, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and a banana loaf cake) to serve with teas and coffees tomorrow. Every member of the class helped brilliantly so well done children - what a team effort! Let's hope lots of money is raised for 'The Samaritans' in the morning.

Christmas decorations

Class 3 worked very hard before and after Christmas to make rather special table decorations. They were challenged to design a decoration that would stand on the table, would feature a star and would light up. As you can see, they came up with many different and imaginative ideas. They all worked and we used them to decorate our tables during our class party buffet.

Reward Day

For good behaviour this half term, everyone enjoyed a movie afternoon with popcorn, juice, a lolly and a cereal bar. What a treat!

Christmas Dinner

What a lovely Christmas dinner we had today!

Our Christmas Party

A wonderful time was had by everyone this afternoon as we had our Christmas party. There was lots of dancing to begin with and then we played some games. After some delicious food, we were highly entertained when playing 'Balloon Forfeits'. Can you spot some beautiful table decorations in the photographs below? We made these carefully in preparation for today.