Busy Baking for Charity

In preparation for our 'Brew Friday' fundraising event, we spent lots of time today baking delicious treats (flapjacks, crispie cakes, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and a banana loaf cake) to serve with teas and coffees tomorrow. Every member of the class helped brilliantly so well done children - what a team effort! Let's hope lots of money is raised for 'The Samaritans' in the morning.

Christmas decorations

Class 3 worked very hard before and after Christmas to make rather special table decorations. They were challenged to design a decoration that would stand on the table, would feature a star and would light up. As you can see, they came up with many different and imaginative ideas. They all worked and we used them to decorate our tables during our class party buffet.

Reward Day

For good behaviour this half term, everyone enjoyed a movie afternoon with popcorn, juice, a lolly and a cereal bar. What a treat!

Christmas Dinner

What a lovely Christmas dinner we had today!

Our Christmas Party

A wonderful time was had by everyone this afternoon as we had our Christmas party. There was lots of dancing to begin with and then we played some games. After some delicious food, we were highly entertained when playing 'Balloon Forfeits'. Can you spot some beautiful table decorations in the photographs below? We made these carefully in preparation for today.

Violin Concert

On Wednesday 13th December, the Year 3 children, and one of our Year 4s, played their violins beautifully to the rest of the school during Collective Worship. Having practised all term, they performed brilliantly and we were very proud of them all. 


All about Barn Owls

We are doing a project about birds this term and Mrs Walker was kind enough to bring in her pet barn owls. One is a male and one is a female, and we learned how to tell the difference by looking for speckled feathers on their breasts. The owls are only 5 months old but were well behaved despite the fact that they had never been in a school before. After we looked at them in the classroom, Mrs Walker took them outside onto the school field where she made them fly from one roost to another. Barn Owls are famous for flying silently and it was great to be able to witness this first hand.

Jay's Visit

There was such a buzz in school this morning as we had some rather interesting visitors! Jay brought in lots of interesting animals for us to see and touch and we were delighted to learn some new animal facts. Did you know that a python has legs?

Family Learning Afternoon

As we have been learning about Brazil, our first Family Learning Afternoon activities were linked to this topic. We had a fabulous time creating our own carnival masks and learning some samba dance moves. Many thanks to those family members who joined us today to lend us a helping hand. 

Visit to Washington Wetlands Centre

In October 2017 Class 3 visited the Wetlands Centre at Washington, Tyne and Wear, where they had a fabulous day finding out about birds. The day started with a chance to look closely at feathers, wings, eggs and bones, as well as skulls from other animals, reptile skins and even an elephant's tusk! It was fascinating. 

After that we walked around the centre, stopping to look at the different birds and even had the chance to feed a few, before visiting the otter enclosure for feeding time.

The flamingoes were next and the talk was really interesting. Did you know that a flamingos' ankle is half way up its leg?

After lunch there was the chance to look at what the birds eat by doing some pond dipping and we found lots of interesting animals. Everyone had a turn with the nets and then we looked at the animals more closely using a camera and television screen. Highlights were a damselfly nymph and a see-through worm!

The day ended with a visit to the cranes, black swans and then through a spooky wood to the bird hide, where we saw familiar garden birds like robins, blue tits and chaffinches on the bird feeders. It was exciting to see a bullfinch and nuthatch as well.

It was a busy and highly educational day and we would like to thank the staff at the centre for making it such a rewarding place to visit and for looking after us so well.

Last Day of Term!

We are really proud of the hard work and progress made by the children in Class 3 this academic year. Well done, children! Didn't we have a lovely lunch to celebrate the end of term? Have a great summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you safely back to school in September.

Reward Day fun and frolics

What a good way to end the school year! On Tuesday the whole school was given the opportunity of having fun on a very large inflatable obstactle course, as a reward for their excellent behaviour through the term. Our class had to wait until the last hour of the day but that didn't stop us enjoying it. We had lots of turns and there were several races through the obstacles and as it was a hot and sunny day, it was quite tiring!

Arbeia Roman Fort, South Shields

Class 3 are learning about the Romans and we went to visit the remains of the Roman fort at South Shields, near Newcastle. It was a very interesting day and we were able to learn about what life was like for a Roman soldier in the fort. The reconstructions of the barracks and gatehouse were fascinating. Don't think we would like to sleep in the barracks though!

We also had the opportunity to have a go at being an archaeologist and discover Roman remains for ourselves. We examined lots of pottery and bone that had originally been found during excavations in the fort.


There were many activities to do to learn more about Roman life. Dressing like a Roman was a highlight!

We would like to thank the staff of the museum for all their help in making this such an enjoyable and educational day.

Sports Day

Although Sports Day was unfortunately cancelled  due to rain, Class 3 had a good time during the practice session which was blessed with sunshine. Many children were proud of their results in the sprints and novelty races, and the activities on the playground were great fun. 

Easter Egg Hunt

As it is the last day of term, and the weather has been so good, we decided to go outside for an Easter Egg hunt. Almost all of the eggs were found but there is still one out there! Maybe it shall be discovered next term!


What an exciting morning we've had! We've enjoyed icing biscuits, sharing jokes and designing new red noses. 

Science Day!

What an exciting day we've had!

It was lovely to see so many children arriving at school dressed up as inventors or inventions. The effort that was put into the posters and presentations was brilliant too. Well done everyone!

Lots of experiments about 'change' have been carried out today, making this a very memorable occasion. 

Volcanic Eruptions at High Coniscliffe!

This half term we have been creating our own volcanoes and today we thoroughly enjoyed using an acid and an alkali to make them erupt. Don't they look great?