Visit to Washington Wetlands Centre

In October 2017 Class 3 visited the Wetlands Centre at Washington, Tyne and Wear, where they had a fabulous day finding out about birds. The day started with a chance to look closely at feathers, wings, eggs and bones, as well as skulls from other animals, reptile skins and even an elephant's tusk! It was fascinating. 

After that we walked around the centre, stopping to look at the different birds and even had the chance to feed a few, before visiting the otter enclosure for feeding time.

The flamingoes were next and the talk was really interesting. Did you know that a flamingos' ankle is half way up its leg?

After lunch there was the chance to look at what the birds eat by doing some pond dipping and we found lots of interesting animals. Everyone had a turn with the nets and then we looked at the animals more closely using a camera and television screen. Highlights were a damselfly nymph and a see-through worm!

The day ended with a visit to the cranes, black swans and then through a spooky wood to the bird hide, where we saw familiar garden birds like robins, blue tits and chaffinches on the bird feeders. It was exciting to see a bullfinch and nuthatch as well.

It was a busy and highly educational day and we would like to thank the staff at the centre for making it such a rewarding place to visit and for looking after us so well.