Quad Kids Year 2

On Tuesday 26th June all of year 2 went to Eastbourne Sports Complex to take part in a sporting festival, known as Quad Kids. Each child attempted their personal best in 4 different fields.  This included a 300 metre distance around the track, a 50 metre sprint, 3 howler throws and their best of 3 in the standing long jump.


It was a great morning of sport although rather a hot time! Luckily a kind parent provided us with a large gazebo so our children could take shade from the sun between the events.  Plenty of water was drunk that day too along with a satsuma snack.


We had a fabulous morning and can't wait to see their results.

Why it is good to be green?

Today we all enjoyed our special water fight reward for having good behaviour for the whole of this half term.

The children filled up their water pistols and got to work straight away chasing each other around the school yard and field.  It was such fun to see their joyful faces and hear their shrieks of delight!

Once back in class all I heard was...

"What a fun way to play, wish we could do it every day"


As part of our topic of journeys the children have been learning about the historical story of the Titanic. They know key facts and dates and enjoyed hearing the story.  The children designed and made a model of the Titanic working creatively with a variety of resources.

Look at our finished creations. We thought they looked amazing.

School trip to Seven Stories and the Victoria Tunnel

Class 2 joined Class 1 on a wonderful trip to Steven Stories in Newcastle. The children loved engaging in a comic workshop learning how comics are created.


They enjoyed working together to design new comic characters around an under water themed story. Once completed we'll add some comic panels to our page.


 Year 2 spent the afternoon learning about world war 2 and gained experience of the shelter used during the second World War - The Victoria Tunnel.

Victoria Tunnel

Easter Activities

Class 2 have been busy at home decorating a boiled egg or two!  The creations were stunning and the whole school enjoyed looking at them.  There was so many different designs that judging them was a difficult task.  However the children enjoyed the Easter treats for all of their hard work.






The children were rewarded for good behaviour this half term by joining in an Easter egg hunt, locating eggs with letters. These letters made words and the children had to work out the Easter message.

The children made an Easter card to send home and wrote poems based on the colours of Easter.  They then collected the different coloured jelly beans they wrote about to make a small bag of jelly beans to take home.

Card Making and Poetry Writing

The children wrote some lovely poems for their mums and made some stunning cards.

The children also wrote a wonderful set of commands for a perfect Mother's Day.

World Book Day

School was closed due to snow on World Book Day but the children celebrated their love of reading on Friday 9th March. The children came to school dressed for a bedtime story!


So many different books were shared with their friends and a narrator visited our class to share her wonderfully illustrated book. The class loved it!

Family Learning

We had a wonderful afternoon  mask making and sharing our ICT programmes with some of our parents.  The children have designed a lion king character to make a mask of and used a variety of materials to make their chosen design. The effort from each child was superb and the quality of the masks made was outstanding.


It was great to see so many of our parents in school to assist the children with their mask making, particularly the dangerous, technical aspects of using the glue gun and the sharp cutting tools, which the children are unable to access on their own.

Lion King

This term the children have been learning about a range of African animals. The information gathered from websites, video clips and books have been used to create some excellent non-chronological report writing. Many of the children are extremely proud of the reports that they have written. 


Class two has also watched clips from the Lion King film to gather information about the characters' personalities. This knowledge has then be used to write character descriptions and riddles.


Some stunning pieces of art have been created through observational drawings of lion King images by hand and on the art package ICT programme. A range of tools on the computer and water colour paints filled the images drawn with colour. 


We have looked at a variety of designs by the Missoni fashion house company. The children loved the bright, vibrant colours used and selected their favourite pattern to transfer onto fabric using the fabric paints and colour mixing to get their perfect match!

Some chose floral, chequerboard, stripes or zigzags and discovered that painting on fabric was a lot trickier than paper.

We can't wait to see what their fabric is going to be made into. 


On Thursday 9th November class 2 visited Beamish Museum to explore properties and shops from the past and to take part in a Victorian school lesson.  The children also enjoyed having rides on a whole range of transport including the Elephant Locomotion steam train, trams and buses.

Many children arrived for the day dressed up as a Victorian school child and they looked wonderful in their costumes.

Inside the school the children completed arithmetic tasks, listened to a historical story and completed an observational drawing task. Outside in the playground some children tried to control the hoop and stick.

Family Learning Afternoon

On Thursday 12th October many of our parents and relatives visited our school to join in with some of our topic related activities.  Children showed their adults how to make a proggy mat and asked them to help use the variety of materials to assist them in collaging their river sketch.  Some children wrote a poem with their adult or with friends and we continued to work on these the next day to make them even better!


Collaged River Art



Proggy Mat Making

Darlington Town Centre

On Wednesday 27th September class 2 went on a trip to our local town of Darlington. We split into two groups to do our designated tasks. Half of us went into the library to learn about how Darlington and High Coniscliffe have changed over time. We got to see and handle many secondary sources including ordnance survey maps of varying ages, photographs and books.




The other group went around town on a little trail in search of some points of interests to further develop our knowledge.  


Although this piece of art work was enjoyed by some, others found it uninspiring until ...


We got to do all of the tasks and had such fun along the way. Can you name the points of interest the children visited?

Village Walk

On Thursday 21st September 2017 we went for a walk around High Coniscliffe village to look for human and physical features of the landscape. This is what the children saw.

We needed a little rest after all that walking!

New Term, New Learning

The children are settling in well in their new year group. We have been following instructions to make sandwiches and dream jars. Instructional writing is our focus this week.

We made delicious sandwiches today. Three tasty fillings were chosen for the children to enjoy. Can you see what they had in their sandwiches today? On Thursday year 2 children will be making a different sandwich with a filling of their choice.


Look at our dream jars. We used cotton wool, paint and glitter to make them.

Last week of term

As a reward for excellent behaviour the children had lots of fun on the bouncy castle slide and obstacles.  They also enjoyed their ice pops, baked some delicious bread and used  their ball skills to throw and catch some water balloons.  

Fun playing catch with the water ballons.

Champion water balloon throwers!

Bread making


Final memories playing games with the year two. 

Saltburn Visit

Class 2 visited Saltburn on Monday 26th June. They all had a wonderful time exploring this local area. Fun was had in the Valley Gardens, on the railway train and on the beach.  Some children enjoyed a delicious lunch of cod or chicken nuggets and chips.  Many children loved the knitted creatures and sculptures displayed along the railings of the pier. We even got a paddle in the sea and some of us were lucky enough to chat to to one of the RNLI lifeguards.

Wedding at St Edwin's Church

The children have been learning about different weddings and the vows that are made during the service.  To enhance our learning, class two took part in a role play wedding at St Edwin's Church on Tuesday 16th May 2107.  A few boys and girls volunteered to be the bride and groom but these two were the lucky ones!


Many other roles were needed including the father of the bride and the bridesmaids.


Our vicar spoke clearly in church and led the whole service.


Mother of the bride joined by her husband!

The mother and father of the groom and the best man and ushers.



Many guests attended too!