High Tees

To meet the requirements of the new National Curriculum Class 2 embarked on a new topic called ‘High Tees’. Throughout this topic the children have been able to experience stimulating learning opportunities through hands on, practical tasks. The topic focused on the local area. The children initially looked at photographs of local buildings and leisure activities that take place in Darlington and High Coniscliffe. The children used many of the criteria set out in the spoken language section of the English Primary Curriculum to actively participate in collaborative whole class and group discussions on the topic. The children progressed to use their newly acquired knowledge to write captions about many of the buildings.

The children were able to dress up as a Victorian school child for the day. This activity took place after our class visit to Beamish Museum and the children were able to further immerse themselves in this key period of British history. Lessons took place in a Victorian manner, classrooms were re-arranged and class teachers took on new personas. The children took the role of a Victorian school child seriously and for that day Class 2 were certainly seen but not heard!

As part of the children’s homework tasks, parents were encouraged to visit the River Tees with their child, this helped to further establish home school links as well as broadening the pupils’ understanding of local geographical features. This topic has enabled the children to meet a range of cross-curricular targets as well as creating lasting memories of their Primary years.

The High Tees topic culminated in a celebratory high tea, were the children in Class 2 looked at the key features of instructions. The children followed instructions to prepare cakes, scones and sandwiches and used their first-hand experience to write instructions. Throughout the term, children have benefitted by using peer support and teacher feedback to improve their writing. The children have had the opportunity to develop their handwriting and presentation skills by designing and writing invitations to Reception children.

Their High Tea was a huge success! Class 2 set a very good example to the younger children, everybody left feeling tired and rather full. We even had a special performance from our resident pianist Polly Nicholson from Class 4.