Santa visited KS1 and Reception today!

We all enjoyed Mrs Cooke reading us a Christmas story today and not long after it had finished we heard the sound of bells!

SANTA arrived and we were sooooooooo excited.  The shrieks could be heard throughout the school!  Class 2 politely told Santa what they would like for Christmas.  Some asked for a surprise too.

Amelie would like a laptop, Aodan and Bronwyn a toy Rudolph teddy, Milo a snowman teddy, Lucy a tablet, Henry R a walking horse teddy, Ethan and Matthew the Star Wars Millennium Falcon (force awakes), Rosie a walking Rudolph, Libby a baby that looks like a REAL baby, Adam a Lego set, Nikolai a spy watch, Freddy D an Xbox, Harry a spider man web shooter, Jason a Ninja turtle suit, Kyle a Mario game, Rowan a Lego x-ray fighter, Freddie N an Ipad, Daniel a transporter lorry, George an Xbox, Charlotte some aqua beads,  and  Elissia some lego.

Nicco, Georgia, Millie and Henry P all want Santa to surprise them!  Maddie wants her very own Santa teddy bear and Santa thought that was the best present in the workshop!

Sadly, after a little song was sung Santa had to say goodbye to us all, his reindeers bells were heard and some children  even spotted his sleigh in the sky.