Final House Team Assembly of 2017



(for the 3rd year in a row!!)

Brilliantly led by their House Captain

Huge thank you to the fabulous House Captains 2016 - 2017. Throughout the year they have inspired, supported and encouraged their teams as well as setting up the assembly for me every Thursday afternoon. 

Sports Day Practice

The whole school had an afternoon of fun on Monday 3rd July 2017.  Skills were practised and a variety of races were undertaken. 


Year 5 and 6 had a Harry Potter race and some found this rather tricky!


Many children were proud of their accomplishments and happy to score points for their house teams. All we need to know now is, which house team is crowned the winner for 2017?

Special visitors

Ruth, Jack and their mum and dad gave children in Reception and Year 1 a very special treat today. Ruth and Jack live on a farm and each have their very own eight week old calf which they brought today for 'show and tell'!!


SAT Monsters

A great High Coniscliffe tradition is the annual creation of SAT Monsters by the children in Year 6 as they enter their final preparations for their end of Key Stage Two statutory tests.

Mrs Aitken reads the story 'Worry Guts' which helps the children to see that everyone has worries and eveyone has different ways of dealing with them. Based on the story and the saying, 'a trouble shared is a trouble halved', they then make little characters using Fimo. Some children make these ugly, warty monsters symbolising how they feel about the SATS, while some produce cute, lovable figures that will support them through the week of tests.

We know that lots of past pupils still use their SAT monsters during their secondary, college and university exams!

The completed creations have been baked and hardened and will be kept safe until the first SAT on Monday 8th May.

Our Easter Liturgy Dance

Working with our PE and Sport partners, Liam and Katie from Sporting Futures, this year we told the Easter story through dance. Each class worked hard to tell the story with their movements and expressions.

We hope you enjoy their interpretations.

Class One Palm Sunday

Jesus went to Jerusalem on a donkey. Everyone shouted "Hooray for Jesus”

Thank you God for happy times

Class 2 The Last Supper

Before the disciples and Jesus shared supper together Jesus washed each disciple’s feet. When Jesus had supper with his disciples there was a lot of talking and laughing but Judas remained silent. Jesus took bread and blessed it. He then shared the bread with his disciples and said, “Take this and eat it. This is my body." Jesus took a cup and said a prayer. He filled the cup with wine and said, "Drink it and remember me. "Judas left early after they had shared the bread and wine. The other disciples thought he had an errand to do.

Class Four The Crucifixion

Class Three The Resurrection of Jesus

God of Love, passionate and strong, watch over us and hold us all the days of our life, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Red Nose Day Joke Competition

There was much hilarity during House Team Assembly as the jokes were told! The staff chose their 'top ten' then the children chose the winner and runner up through the 'laughometer'!

Ruth's joke caused the most laughter  - what do you think?

Why did the lobster blush?                
Because the sea weed! 

Ted was the worthy runner up with:

Why did the mushroom go to the party?                
Because he was a fungi!

Here are all the other hilarious entries - click to enlarge

Science Week's House Team Assembly

Here's each House Team looking amazing this afternoon. The range of scientists and inventors they represented was incredible.

I wonder if a child in the future will choose one of these children to dress up as and and use as their inspiration!

It was extremely hard to judge the poster competition as the children had put in so much thought and research into the information they presented. However, the House Team Captains judged Reception to Year 5 and the teachers judged Year 6. Congratulations to the winners - they all received an Easter egg and resources to do a colour experiment at home.

Mrs Aitken couldn't resist 'borrowing' some of the outfits!

Mayor's Annual Eurovision Song Contest

Along with 20 other Darlington primary schools, children from Year 5 sang their hearts out representing Argentina with the song from the musical Evita, 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina'

After many hours at school and home practising they danced and sang to tell the story of Eva Peron, finishing with her tragic death.

It was an amazing experience to sing in front a very large audience which include many VIPs such as mayors from across the North East and Council members.

The fact that High Coniscliffe was the opening act added to the excitement but the children didn't let their nerves show and sang beautifully what is a very difficult song.

All the official photographs can be found here by following this link:

Christmas delivery!

Every year we exchange Christmas cards with children in Yuri Elementary school, Yurihonjo city, Akita prefecture, Japan.

We even had a go at writing the children's names in Japanese characters. Hannah in reception wrote her card for Chikara Abe which is written like this; あべ ちから

Here's reception designing and making their lovely Christmas tree cards.

Children in Need sleepover

57 children, 5 adults and we're calling it a 'sleepover'.........?

Hide and seek by torchlight, 'The Secret Life of Pets', a disco, Xbox games, a bedtime story, hot chocolate and cookies, lights out at midnight, a lie in (not!), bacon rolls, pain au chocolate, cereal, Pudsey cakes from Mrs Davison and biscuits from Abigail, cartoons, another dance then home. A fabulous time was had by all!

Class 4's Children in Need event

The children in class 4 ran stalls all afternoon to raise money for Children in Need. There was a nail bar, nerf gun battles, Pudsey colouring in, hook-a-duck, gaming, welly throwing to name just a few of the activities on offer.

Remembrance Sunday

Our school was represented at the Remembrance Sunday service in Barnard Castle during which the wreath made by Class 4 through their work with Bowes Museum was laid by a member of the class. Visit their class page to find out more about their history project.

Open Book

Another insightful and thought provoking worship delivered by our friends from St Edwin's. Today's theme was giving others a second chance -  A Time to Build.