Tuesday 5th July NUT strike action - school open as normal

As you may be aware from the recent media coverage, NUT have balloted their members with regards to taking industrial action on 5th July 2016. This is in relation to their concerns over pay and conditions.

The action (a one day strike) is not against the school itself but is part of national industrial action organised by NUT.

There is no requirement for NUT to inform us of which members of staff will take action, as there is no obligation on members of the union to obey a strike call. However, in the interests of your son or daughter’s safety and welfare I requested that teaching staff colleagues advise me whether they intend to take action. As a result I can inform you that neither partial or full closure of the school will be necessary.

Neither the Governing Body nor the Headteacher is allowed to close the school in sympathy with the strike.