Following the success of last year's first school sleepover, we repeated the event on Friday night.

The evening began with everyone setting up their beds. Mrs Davison and her daughter then made 'Fifteens' out of digestive biscuits, condensed milk, marshmallows, cherries and coconut. They were put in the fridge to set for supper later.

We then watched a film and then played hide and seek in the dark. First of all Mr Toner and Mrs Aitken hid, the lights were switched off and all the children had to search the school by torchlight. Mr Toner was eventually found in one of his classroom cupboards, followed by Mrs Aitken who had climbed to the top shelf in the PE cupboard! Miss Wheldon and Mrs Boyce then hid but were found fairly easily as they were chatting while 'hiding'!!!

Next everyone got ready for bed, had a story and hot chocolate and of course the delicious 'Fifteens'.

Settling down for the night and actually getting to sleep took a while but everyone was in the land of nod by about 11.30pm.

Up at 6.00pm for Mr Toner's delicious bacon butties and cereal. It was then time to pack and go home.