SAT Monsters

A great High Coniscliffe tradition is the annual creation of SAT Monsters by the children in Year 6 as they enter their final preparations for their end of Key Stage Two statutory tests.

Mrs Aitken reads the story 'Worry Guts' which helps the children to see that everyone has worries and eveyone has different ways of dealing with them. Based on the story and the saying, 'a trouble shared is a trouble halved', they then make little characters using Fimo. Some children make these ugly, warty monsters symbolising how they feel about the SATS, while some produce cute, lovable figures that will support them through the week of tests.

We know that lots of past pupils still use their SAT monsters during their secondary, college and university exams!

The completed creations have been baked and hardened and will be kept safe until the first SAT on Monday 8th May.