Our Scottish Day!

Inspired by the Mayor's Eurovision Song Contest we had a fabulous day celebrating the culture and traditions of Scotland.

The children were welcomed to school by the sound of the bagpipes to launch our day all about Scotland. Click here to see Colin Sutherland, the piper, play on the way into school. He then went round each class and answered the children's questions. He also played to a group of children in the hall.

Everyone was invited to dress up for the day - there was a great range of tartan as well as blue and white!

Each class completed a variety of work about Scotland - keep an eye on their class pages to see what they found out. 

Mrs Weaver, Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Walker cooked a delicious meal of haggis, neeps and tatties followed by shortbread (and Angel Delight). Nearly all the children tried the haggis which the majority found delicious. Everyone also had mince just in case!!

Jessica's dad gave the traditional haggis address before cutting the haggis and giving a toast which everyone joined in with.

Louise Macdougall, a member of the Royal Scottish Dance Society, joined us for the afternoon to teach us traditional Scottish dancing. At one point, the entire school was up dancing with the Mayor and Mayoress enjoying the entertainment! Click here to see for yourself!

And we wish our Eurovision Choir all the best for their performance at the Civic Theatre next week - their first public performance at the end of our day was incredible.

Many thanks to all the people who made our day so special and memorable.