School Games Day

The whole school took part in a WATER FUN RUN! Inspired by our colour run last year. We thought it a good idea to have a water one. What fun they all had!


Year 6 willing enough to be a target! Before and after shots below.


Today the whole school took part in a variety of competitive games against their house teams.  

Years 3,4,5,and 6 began the day with a rounders play off.  Yellow house team came first!


Years 1 and 2 did a cricket competition and the winning house team was blues!



Reception did a ball skills competition and red house team scored the most point.


Well done to all four house teams for showing tremendous sporting values throughout the morning. 


To end the day some children in year 5 and 6 showcased their wonderful gymnastic talents with a mini presentation which the whole school enjoyed.


Year 5 Athletics

All year 5 and some chosen year 4 pupils to make up the teams went to Eastbourne Sports Complex on Wednesday 6th June to take part in a variety of field and track events. This included sprinting, distance, hurdles, howler throw, triple jump, chest push, long jump and relays.


The children showed great competitive spirit and thoroughly enjoyed their day there.  Some made it through to the finals and one achieved bronze in the 60 metre sprint.  We were very proud of all children's sporting attitude and spirit at this festival.  Thirteen schools took part in this event.


Go Run For Fun

Our SSOC organised a fun run today, Wednesday 18th April in aid of the All Run For Fun town event. This is the day when as many children and staff in ALL schools in Darlington take part in a mass participation fun run. This took place in our schools grounds this afternoon. Our fun theme this year was super heroes. We had a wide variety of heroes in our school all day! 

Sport Relief Week 19th -23rd March 2018

This week our sports leaders organised and ran a variety of sporting activities each day for the whole school. It was fantastic to see all the children more active in sport and sporting skills and the children raised money for a very worthwhile cause by coming to school on Friday 23rd March in their sports clothes.

Each day the children were also encouraged to run or walk a mile!


Monday - Hockey 



Tuesday - Skip-a-thon 



Wednesday - Tennis 


Thursday - Football



Fit Friday - Listen for the bell ringing throughout the day for the sporting challenge


Dance Festival 2018

Our dancers have worked hard to create a lyrical dance to Slow Down by Nicole Nordeman.  They have stayed after school this term and worked hard each Wednesday afternoon to learn the dance choreographed by our expert member of staff!


The children took part in commercial, jazz and modern workshops on Monday 19th March at the Dolphin Centre and then showcased their dance on stage to a huge audience. Over 400 pupils took part in this festival, with over 22 schools dancing on stage.  We believe ours was one of the best! Although we did enjoy watching many other schools perform.


Our annual treat after the dance workshops - Pizza Hut before the show!


All 15 dancers


A few photos behind the scenes!

Sport Leaders

Today our sport leaders were presented with their whistles. This will help them to coordinate skills and games they set up each reward Friday and playtime activities.

They were all proud to receive their whistle and are keen to use them. Two pupils were on hand to present these to the children.

Year 3 tennis festival

Eight children from year 3 were selected to take part in a tennis festival at Wyvern Academy on Tuesday 6th February 2018. The children spent the morning taking part in tennis matches against 4 other schools and doing some tennis ball skills challenges.


The children were eager to take part and came back 'buzzing'from the competition experience. Two year 6 sports crew leaders also helped at the event to score and manage the organisation of  the matches. Their attitude and commitment to this event was highlighted as excellent by our school games organiser and partnership manager.

Darlington Dance Festival

Sixteen children from years 3 to 6 were selected to take part in the Darlington Dance Festival at the Dolphin Centre.  Our dance this year took the children on a journey through the decades.  The children all participated in an afternoon of fun dance workshops before the evening show of dances.   



An tea out at Pizza Hut was also a hit! 

Quad Kids Year 3

All year 3 attended Eastbourne Sports Complex on Wednesday 17th May 2017 to take part in the Quad Kids event.  Whilst here they competed against many schools in sprinting, distance, howler and standing long jump events.  The morning activities were enjoyed by all and many of the children achieved their personal best.

Quad Kids Year 2

All year 2 attended Eastbourne Sports Complex on Thursday 18th May 2017 to take part in the Quad Kids event.  Whilst here they competed against many schools in sprinting, distance, howler and standing long jump events.  The morning activities were enjoyed by all and many of the children achieved their personal best.

Go Run For Fun

The whole school participated in a fun run this afternoon and ended up a lot more colourful than when they first set off. Double figure laps were achieved running around the school grounds and overcoming many different obstacles.  Mindful of the paint at the beginning and then delighting in it as the afternoon progressed. Many children seeking the opportunity to get as messy as they could possibly be.  Luckily parents were on board with his theme for which we are grateful and many memories were made. A big thank you to Liam and Phil from Sporting futures for their huge participation in this event.

Early preparations!


Testing out the tyres and some of us warming up!

Year 5 and 6 girls football tournament

Ten year 5 and 6 girls were chosen to participate  in a school games festival at Eastbourne Sports Complex today.  170 children from across 17 local Darlington Schools took part in 9 minute matches. Our children played to the best of their ability in the three games they played.  It was a fun but cold afternoon but many memories were made.  They showed excellent team work and enthusiasm to tackle each game, gaining confidence as they proceeded through the competition.

Year 3 tennis

Children from Year 3 were selected to represent our school in the school games tennis festival at the Dolphin Centre. This took place on Friday 3rd February. The eight year 3 children had a lovely morning taking part in some skills sessions and then small games. 

Two year 6 sports leaders were invited along to the festival to support their younger peers by offering technical advice and were also the 'photographers' for the morning.